Do You Know the Waterfront Areas in Fort Lauderdale

When it comes to Selling Real Estate, there are agents and then there are "FULL SERVICE" Agents.  

What does a "FULL SERVICE" Agent do to set themselves apart from the rest?  

  • Perform a thorough profile on a property before listing and writing a contract for purchase.
  • Check permit history
  • If a property is owned by a Corporation verify who can sign for the corporation.
  • Attend All Showings
  • Host Professional Brokers Open
  • Attend All Inspections
  • Refer a minimum of three Closing Agents/Attorneys
  • Refer a minimum of three Licensed and Insured Inspectors
  • Attend all Appraisals
  • Attend closings
  • We work diligently and honestly to make sure you we head to a smooth closing
  • We attend all walk thru's

Joy Triglia wanst to make sure each experience our clients have is the best so when they look for another property or know someone looking for a property they will refer them to us.

We receive many referrals and that the best form of thanks we can receive from the hard work we put into our clients and their interests.

Posted By - Joy Triglia - 3 days ago

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